2015 First Quater is Done!

Buster  Skout

In the Vineyard with Buster and Now Skout

Mime  Cancan
Crocker Caberet Show Mime and Cancan Girls

The Crocker Art Museum had a spectacular opening night for their exhibit, "Toulouse-Lautrec and La Vie Moderne: Paris 1880 - 1910". Marilyn and I went for a terrific evening of art and fun. In the courtyard, you could get food and drinks while enjoying a Caberet Show with music, comedy and of course, the Cancan.

Superbowl Sunday
Superbowl Sunday at the Pearce's House

Most of the time, Gordy and I keep busy with our normal routines. These include lunch meetings with friends, some club meetings and Gordy has his VE test days where he gives tests for Amateur Radio to future Hams or those Hams who want to upgrade their license.

February began with Super Bowl Sunday at Jim and Marilyn's house. In our family fanasty football, we each choose the teams we think will make it, Gordy's teams both made the Super Bowl! So, it was fun watching him beat himself up. We had a great afternoon of food, wine and yes, the game.

Shells and starfish  Stormys
Shells and Starfish - Approaching Stormy's in Bloomfield

Over Valentine's Day weekend, we decided to take off for Wright's Beach. Since we have had a very dry and warm year, there hasn't been a lot of snow. So, a lot of people headed for the coast instead of the mountains. We were surprised to find the campground, including the overflow area, was almost full. We didn't get our normal spot but still it was a perfect weekend. Lots of walks on the beach. There were plenty of shells and starfish on the beach but little kelp or seaweed.

Full campground  Sunset
Wright's Beach Full Campground - Sunset

Camped behind us were two guys from Reno, Mike and Tom. Mike is a high school chemistry teacher and Tom own an herb shop, Truckee Meadow Herbs. It was fun to share the campfire, wine and conversation with them. After we got home, I talked to my sister, Judy who lives in Reno, and found out she loves his shop.

We headed to Stormy's for dinner on Valentine's Day. They were totally booked but were able to fit us in. Roger and team were very busy but we did get to visit a little.

The day before we left, I started getting a cold. It didn't ruin the weekend, but I was down and out for the next week. After that, it took another couple of weeks to get over it.

Broken door
Broken Door

Door out  Finished door
Old Door Out - New Door In

While weed-eating the vineyard, Gordy unknowingly slug a rock into the sliding glass door in the family room. When he started to come in, he saw all this stuff and wondered "Why did Cheri spill all these ice cubes here?" Then he saw the door and realized it was glass. The glass had totally shattered, in fact, we are still finding pieces of it. We had the pane fixed but decided it was time to replace all the sliding doors with the new, double paned doors. We are very pleased how much better they look and how much insulation they provide.

Adopting Skout  Skout at home
Adopting Skout - Skout's First Day Home

Gordy and I finally decided it was time to get another dog. It was too easy to put off exercising without a nag to make you do it. We tried biking but even that was too easy to put off. I found out that there was the Northern California Border Collie Rescue and Adoption group. I started looking at their web site to see what was available. In order to adopt a dog from them, you first have to fill out an application and be approved. The last time I looked at the page, they had two litters up for adoption when they turned eight weeks old. By the time I inquired, there were only three puppies unspoken for. One of them was a puppy I was looking at who they had named Skunk. Gordy said "If he passes my test, then we can bring him home." His test was to see if he could look Skunk directly in the eye and Skunk would look directly back at him.

Skunk was at a home (ranchette) in the hills of Auburn. Gordy and I went up to see him and Skunk passed the test. So home we came with an eight week old puppy. The first thing we did was to change his name to Skout (we merged Skunk with Scout). He is always looking at stuff. Now we are back on "Puppy Schedule" which is eat, sleep, poop, play, repeat. We had forgotten how much stuff they can find to get into. For the most part, it has been fun. Gordy and I are back to walking along the American River. Skout is busy learning new things. The amazing thing is he already knew to come to a whistle. There were about twelve adult border collies where he was. I think they were probably called to meals by a whistle and he decided it meant "Food".

Skout is a border collie mix. His mother was border collie but when she was taken to be spade, she was already pregnant. They do not know what breed the father was. She was given to the rescue group with the puppies until they were weaned then returned to the lady who owned her. We have now had him for a little over a month and can see he is a very smart boy. He also is very mischievous. But then again, he is only three months old.

table set up  Skout and Cody
WTC Luncheon Table Setting - Skout's Play Day with Cody and Terrie O'Donnell

I know I titled this episode "2015 - The First Quarter is Done!" But April was filled with Skout and getting ready for The Woman's Thursday Club of Fair Oaks annual Scholarship Luncheon and Fashion Show. Our theme this year was "Fancy Feathers". I once again did the program cover, a strutting hen with a boa and feathered hat. I also helped Terrie paint some of the hens and roosters for the centerpieces. It was very successful. The ladies totally enjoyed the day.

Terrie also has a border collie mix named Cody. After we recooperated from the luncheon/fashion show, we decided to introduce Skout to Cody. Cody is a ballboy - throw the ball, throw the ball, Skout focused on Cody and ran after him - it was sort of like the way Buster would chase Zeke when Al would throw the ball. The two boys got along and we plan to get them back together again. Our next big introduction to Skout will be a trip in the motorhome. He is still just getting used to riding in the car.

So, that's where we have been. Thanks for stopping by.

Skout river
Gordy Shows Skout the River for the First Time