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2015 - First Quarter is Done!

"Howling Moon" Schedule for 2015

Gordy, Cheri and Skout
Our New Boy, Skout

First of all, let me explain who we are to those of you who may have stumbled on this home page and do not know us. My name is Cheri, my husband is Gordy, and our home base is Fair Oaks, CA about 100 miles east of San Francisco, CA. I am a home vintner (this is not a commercial operation). Gordy and I have 30 zinfandel vines in our side yard. Gordy tends the vines; we both harvest and crush the grapes; and I make the wine. The only way you can get to taste "Howling Moon Zinfandel" (the only variety I make) is if I invite you to dinner!

I chose the name for a number of reasons. We like music and I have fallen heir to collecting the howling coyote pieces. One day, I sat down and drew a coyote bluegrass band. When it came time to bottle our first wine, we needed a name and a label. I decided to use the coyote band on the label but did not have a name. One of our favorite events is "Moon Walk" (a cocktail party on the old bridge that is held on the night of the full moon). In addition to the socializing, after the full moon has risen, we sing old moon songs (e.g., Harvest Moon). A few people have really good voices, the rest of us sound like we are howling. For a long time I have privately called it "Howling Moon" instead of "Moon Walk". It seemed natural to marry the coyote bluegrass band to my name for "Moon Walk". Thus Howling Moon Vineyards was born.

Lots of Love, Cheri, Gordy and Skout

Picture of the Howling Moon Vineyard logo as 
it appears on the wheel cover of Tiggie, the Tioga.